Back where I come from…

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Some places have a way of nestling themselves in our souls.  It is more than just a love for a place for a great beach or a magnificent hotel.  This kind of place is one that becomes a part of who you are.   It is the kind of place that has captured your heart time after time, year after year.  It can conjure up a sea of feelings and memories  just by hearing the name.  Priest Lake is my place… a breath-taking lake in northern Idaho.    This past week my whole extended family was gathered in our 1957 A-frame cabin built by the hands of my Grandpa Jesse, my Dad and my Uncle Jay.  It was a special time together, as it always is here.  We have a beautiful picture of my Grandpa hanging in the cabin where he is sitting in a chair in the half built living room looking out at the lake.  I would of loved to know what he was thinking about that day.  Was he thinking about all the generations that would gather here… the potato salads that would be shared… the fireworks that would lit from the dock…the walks to soldier creek … the card games that would be played …the cousins that would sing as they hand-washed the dishes… the talks and smores around the campfire… the boat rides he would take with his grandkids teaching them to drive the boat… the trips to the Leonard Paul “candy store”… the skinny-dipping … the huckleberry picking …the sunsets and thunderstorms that would be watched… and  the laughs that would be shared. 

I don’t know if he realized what a gift he would be giving each one of us by his vision, sacrifice and hard work.  My Grandpa loved water, and when he saw Priest Lake he knew this is where he wanted to spend his days.   It is magical now to watch my kids fall in love with Priest Lake, just as my Grandpa did,  and take delight in the traditions that I did as a child.  The roots of this place run deep and in it lies security, comfort and peace.  I couldn’t think of a better place to raise my kids on.

This is where we come from…and I couldn’t be prouder.

Where is your “place”?

4 Responses on “Back where I come from…”

  1. Kristin Williams says:

    Beautiful post! I love sharing a part of that place with you too, thanks for blessing us with our visits there! xoxo

  2. Krista Gilbert says:

    Amen, Sister! Tears in my eyes…. you summed it up perfectly!!!!!!!

  3. Sarah Thomas says:

    So beautiful, Kendra. You wrote that just beautifully. I’ll have to think of “my place” and write something too. 🙂

  4. Julie Thomas Clausen says:

    My heart…and eyes…overflow! Thanking God for you and your wonderful talent. He made Priest Lake for this very purpose! Isn’t it amazing? I remember, as I’m sure your dad and Uncle Jay do, that “look” many times on Grandpa’s face. There was no where else he and your Grandma would rather be. (I’ve noticed each of you with your own “look”!) You and yours are the fruit of this and continue to be a beautiful legacy. Blessings! Gratefully!

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