Legacy of Love

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Legacy of Love $43.00

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My Dad had the fabulous idea to make my mom a necklace for their 45th wedding anniversary. I found out the sapphire was the 45th anniversary gemstone so we knew we wanted to include that in the design. Then we started talking about what he wanted to say on the necklace…how do you capture 45 years in a few words? Jonesy is his nickname for her but that just didn’t seem right! After much conversation, we decided on “Legacy of Love” and put their wedding date on the back with their initials. My mom loved it. Personal, thoughtful, perfect. I feel so blessed to be a part of their Love legacy. I know it wasn’t always easy, and yet, they have dug in and persevered. All three of their children are married, and now they have 9 grandchildren who all adore them. Beautiful legacy. I have learned so many things from my parents…commitment, hard work, gratitude, confidence, faith and generosity. I even feel like this business is born out of them teaching me to be a risk-taker and believe in myself. Thank you Mom and Dad and Happy Anniversary…

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