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I was just out running and thinking about how lucky I am…lucky to have the job that I do, lucky to have the family and friends that I do, lucky that I can have a good cup of Joe everyday! The thing lately though that I feel the most lucky about is about my relationship with my Grandma. Think about the most gracious and sweetest thing you could ever meet and that is my Grandma. She is pictured here with my daughter, Olivia, and my middle son, Caleb. They are over the moon about her too– she just has that effect on people. She has not been doing very well lately (i guess she is entitled, she is 88!), and because my parents are out of town for awhile, I have had the honor of taking care of her more.
Last Thursday, I took her out to Post Falls to see my brother-in-law who is an ENT to run some tests on her. The gal at the front desk checked us in and we went to sit down. She then asked me if I was the one who made the jewelry. As soon as she asked me this, I knew who she was. You see, my sister had ordered a necklace for one of the women at the office who was losing her sister to cancer. She then went on to share about how much the necklace had meant to her…we had inscribed “sisters” on the front and put the two sisters names on the back. They had lived next door to each other for years and she said the necklace was a way to keep her sister close now that she was gone. My heart ached for her–unexpected turns in life.
I then turned my attention back to my Grandma as I began to help her fill out her paperwork. We laughed together as one of the questions was “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?”…I joked with her that she could tell me the truth! They called us back and I began to help my Grandma from her chair and walk with her slowly to the exam room as she held onto me. The woman I had made the necklace for smiled at me sweetly, as if to say, cherish this time. Yes, it was true…there was really no other place I would rather be at that moment. What a gift to be able to take care of her.
I am LUCKY. I even saw a rainbow on my run today. Its going to be a good day…

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  1. Nancy Huettl says:

    Oh, you always know how to nudge my heart and bring a tear to my eye! What a beautiful blog. We are all “LUCKY” to know people like you two gals! Thanks for your inspirational story!