This necklace couldn’t “B” more special!

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B three times over

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Our dear friends in San Diego will be packing their bags for China in a few short weeks to finally have Brooklynn in their arms! They have been waiting and praying for their daughter from China for just under 5 years. Yes, it was not a typo…5 years. Their journey of adoption has not been an easy one but they have stayed the course and persevered through many trials. I get chills thinking that this little girl is exactly who is supposed to be in their family. They had to wait this long to get her specifically. It is destiny. Our friends have two sons–Brenden and Brayden–and now they are adopting Brooklynn, who will be one at the end of March. She is so precious!! I wanted to give Kelly a necklace at this time representing her now three kids. The B could represent each of their initials or it even could stand for her three Blessings! Adoption is so close to my heart. I, too, had two boys and then went around the world to Russia to find our daughter. Safe Travels Brooklynn…you are coming home!

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  1. Kelly Owen says:

    Thanks Kendra!. I love the necklace. I put it on the second I opened it and have not taken it off since. I really want to order one for my mom too. The 3 B’s are her only grand children so it would be just as special for her.

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