The Wish Mamas put on their SPARKLE

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Last night our church hosted a fun Girl’s Night Out called the “Bling Fling”.  We were honored to be one of the vendors at the event.  Actually, I organized the vendors so I guess it was pretty easy to be included. 🙂   We have both been at our church for years now and it was really fun to share what we do in person with so many of our friends!  Here we are right before the night started…Sister Sledge on the left and Hammergirl (that’s me!) on the right.  I was a little jealous as Sister Sledge had her hair done that day so she was looking mighty fine.  Why didn’t I think of that?The event was packed full with things that all women LOVE… Shopping of course, free neck massages, a photo booth, dessert bites, door prizes, an inspirational talk and conversation with good girlfriends.  A PERFECT night. A bonus to the evening was that my sister, Krista Gilbert, was the speaker!  Here she is talking about our INNER SHINE.

She talked about how our world can feel very dark at times but that is when we can SHINE the brightest.  On a sunny day you can’t see a lit candle very well, but in complete darkness one candle can light up the whole room.  We need to be that light!  She challenged us to write down 5 ways we want to work on lighting up our own world.  So good…when we all are spreading grace, love and encouragement in our own families and communities, this world will be brighter.  We will help others see that they matter.  We will give love when it is least deserved.  We will be the encouragers instead of the stone throwers.  We, expecially as women, can be natural stone throwers as Krista coined, but how powerful it is when we put down our stones and extend grace and shine light instead.

I love that our business lets people add sparkle to their lives with meaningful silver pieces, swarovski crystal and fun charms.  Even better is seeing women sparkle from the inside.  So, let’s go out there today and look for opportunities to SHINE BRITE.

Love, Hammergirl

4 Responses on “The Wish Mamas put on their SPARKLE”

  1. I loved everything about it and was so blessed by Krista’s talk. (And you looked gorgeous, even without your hairly newly done. 🙂 Thanks again for asking me to be a vendor!

  2. *hair newly done… Proofread first, Melissa! 😉

  3. What a fabulous post! LOVE the way you SHINE so brightly to me and to those in your world. You live this!!!! Keep writing ladies. I really appreciate the posts from each of you. Great heart and soul behind the bling!

  4. Dianne says:

    Girls + Bling + Inspiration + dessert = Being recharged in a fun way!! Thanks for inviting (pursepod)me to such an uplifting event and for all your support. Dianne