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The Wish Mamas are now appearing on someone else’s blog!  We were recently contacted by Anna Moseley of the blog “Ask Anna….simple and inexpensive tips for organizing, cleaning and decorating your home.”   Anna  is a close friend of my sister, Juliette, from my hometown, Redding, CA.  Anna was wanting to have a “spring fling” contest as a finish to her spring cleaning feature and thought of us for both a feature and a giveaway!  We were thrilled as we had been brainstorming ways to broaden our business beyond Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.  We love moments that cause us to stretch and grow so we contacted our favorite graphic-designer and fellow stay-at-home-mom Kim Smith of Danilla Bean Graphic Design and had a “button” designed that Anna could display on her website. (See below- we love it!)  I also spent a fair amount of time browsing “Ask Anna” and found it has a wealth of information about all things home.  Great tips, ambitious projects, and yummy recipes abound!  Wanting to put one of her projects to the test, I chose the window track cleaning project for my 16 year old son after he stayed out later than curfew recently…  I will take manual labor over grounding as punishment anyday, and now have sparkling-clean window tracks for the first time in years!  Anyway… after a bit of emailing back and forth our feature was born!  We debut today!   Check it out at www.askannamoseley.com, follow her six steps and enter for the chance to win our $50.00 gift certificate toward your very own As You Wish Design hand-stamped, personalized treasure!


Shop Cat

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I have always loved shops with their own resident feline or canine.  You can tell the shop owner is personally invested far beyond the monetary when their shop is inhabited by a beloved companion.  MY shop ( my little nook upstairs in the loft where I am lucky enough to spend time creating treasures for others) has two animals:  Sadie the golden retriever who is always at the bottom of the stairs keeping watch, and Mia (stands for Missing In Action) our persnickety and aloof mainecoon cat.  We call her “the rare treasure” because a friend of ours pointed out that our stray is actually a highly sought-after breed (who knew?) and when I googled the breed they referred to mainecoons as “rare treasures”.   Mia is aptly named because she is always hiding from us humans, so it has been amusing that she comes out of nowhere everytime I settle in to hammer and stamp my metals.  She perches precariously on the ledge overlooking both the downstairs one flight below and my desk just inches from the ledge.  She purrs and watches my every move from up there… I don’t know what the draw is for her;  the noise?  my concentration on my craft and lack of interest in her?  or the warm light from my desk lamp?  Whatever her reason, I love having my own shop cat!


We are giddy!!

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It felt like Christmas morning as we were unwrapping the new sets!!  The wish mamas have really been wanting to get some new font stamp sets and here they are!!  We think they are delicious….would love to hear what you all think.  It will give us some more options as we design your perfect necklace!!  We are having so much fun playing with our new sets…


Upcoming Open House in Coeur d Alene–April 24th!

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We are so excited to partner with the amazing photographer, Amy Waddington, in CDA, Idaho for an Open House event!  Amy was just voted Best Photographer in Northern Idaho (and I can personally attest that she is!) !  Woo-Hoo Amy!!  We hope to see many of you there!  Let us know if you can come! :)  See below info that is copied from Amy Waddington’s email:

I (Amy) am having an open house featuring some of my work, Matilda Jane Clothing Co. & As You Wish Design.

Mark your calendars…….Saturday, April 24th | 9am-noon (open house)

At my studio downtown Coeur d’ Alene, 602 East Garden Avenue.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the colorful, sophisticated and a wee bit cheeky clothing line, Matilda Jane. It was love at first site!! The funky styles, the bright color’s & textures are to die for….. SERIOUSLY CUTE!! Anything from Matilda Jane’s collection is PERFECT for a portrait. These one of a kind outfits are available only through trunk shows and I am SOOOO excited to announce that I will be having a Matilda Jane Trunk Show at my studio! Come and discover a fun and funky clothing line for kiddos 6-12 years old. Oh yeah, they now also have clothes for adults too! =) 
Want a free mini-session? Anyone who purchases a complete Matilda Jane outfit will receive a COMPLIMENTARY mini-session in your brand new outfit. (wowzers that a $100 value!!) I promise you don’t want to miss out on this AMAZING offer!! Why? Because I just LOVE how these clothes photograph and I would to love to update my website with images featuring Matilda Jane! =)

If you can’t make the “Trunk Show,” no problem. I will be accepting virtual orders that day (call after 1pm) and all day on Sunday the 25th.  You can check out their catalog and see all of the collections here: http://www.matildajaneclothing.com/. The benefit to attending a trunk show is that you can actually get to see the beautiful clothes in person, hold them in your hands and even try some on!
As You Wish Design will also have a table set up showcasing their line of jewelry. I just had a necklace made. It’s so cute……….I LOVE it! I attached a few samples of the jewelry for you to check out! The fun thing about the jewelry is that you can choose a design that they have or do what I did and design your own!! See some of their work here: www.flickr.com/photos/asyouwishdesign.
Can I bring my kids? Of course kids are welcome!!! Bring a friend too! 
Stop by anytime between 9-noon. Saturday, April 24th.
Please give me a heads up and let me know your coming.
Email amywaddington@live.com or call 208-661-0410. 
Hope to see you there!! 
Amy Waddington Photography


I guess we are REALLY doing this!

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Kristin and I met with a CPA last week to figure out the big, bad world of taxes for our new biz. We felt so business-like going all the way downtown and finding our way through the skyscrapers of Spokane. Our biggest question to them was whether manicures are a write-off. We were very convincing…people are always looking at our hands at our parties as we put together their timeless creations…we need to look professional!! She laughed and thought we were very creative. Of course we are, we ARE jewelry designers you know. She said that we may be able to make a case of it if we talk about business WHILE we are getting manicures. We both thought we could do that. So yesterday, we paid our 2009 sales tax to the WA Dept. of Revenue. It was a moment for As You Wish. We are actually doing this…we have to pay taxes and everything. As we looked back to our sales for 2009, we both looked at each other in amazement! Did we really make that many necklaces since May ’09??? It is amazing to be a part of a something that feels blessed. It is so much bigger than just the sum parts of Kristin and me. We have been able to be a small part of people’s joys and help bring healing to their sorrows. We have made a necklace for a new mother that had given birth that morning. We have made a necklace for a woman in her thirties that was in the end stages of cancer. We have made a necklace for a mom who’s daughter was on her way to recovery after being in the hospital for 6 weeks with H1N1. We made a key chain for a special grandpa describing who he was to each of his grandkids. There are stories behind every piece and we love hearing them. Yes, we are really doing this and it feels good.