Summer + Mint = Mojitos!

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In the Pacific Northwest we love our weather year ’round, but nothing beats our SUMMERS!  On one summer afternoon on Priest Lake with Hammergirl, we had a utopia moment at Cavanaughs… two tall, iced, glasses of huckleberry mojitos!  We toasted our day, our families and our blessings.  Mojitos have been the “it” summer drink for me since then.  I grow some mint, muddle it with lime and simple syrup and add some soda and rum (not required, just preferred).  Of course, it all must be served over ice.  This process can be labor Chateau Gonflable intensive when having a crowd, so the other evening I made my simple syrup and infused a bunch of mint leaves in the boiling sugar-water for 5-10 minutes.  I juiced a bunch of limes and made a pitcher ahead of time.  It was delicious!   Just remember to add the soda (you can use sprite or 7 up) after all of the other ingredients so it doesn’t all fizz over when stirring 🙂  I don’t have a “recipe” but just mixed to taste, I don’t think you can mess these up!



Sistersledge (Kristin)


The Wish Mamas put on their SPARKLE

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Last night our church hosted a fun Girl’s Night Out called the “Bling Fling”.  We were honored to be one of the vendors at the event.  Actually, I organized the vendors so I guess it was pretty easy to be included. 🙂   We have both been at our church for years now and it was really fun to share what we do in person with so many of our friends!  Here we are right before the night started…Sister Sledge on the left and Hammergirl (that’s me!) on the right.  I was a little jealous as Sister Sledge had her hair done that day so she was looking mighty fine.  Why didn’t I think of that?The event was packed full with things that all women LOVE… Shopping of course, free neck massages, a photo booth, dessert bites, door prizes, an inspirational talk and conversation with good girlfriends.  A PERFECT night. A bonus to the evening was that my sister, Krista Gilbert, was the speaker!  Here she is talking about our INNER SHINE.

She talked about how our world can feel very dark at times but that is when we can SHINE the brightest.  On a sunny day you can’t see a lit candle very well, but in complete darkness one candle can light up the whole room.  We need to be that light!  She challenged us to write down 5 ways we want to work on lighting up our own world.  So good…when we all are spreading grace, love and encouragement in our own families and communities, this world will be brighter.  We will help others see that they matter.  We will give love when it is least deserved.  We will be the encouragers instead of the stone throwers.  We, expecially as women, can be natural stone throwers as Krista coined, but how powerful it is when we put down our stones and extend grace and shine light instead.

I love that our business lets people add sparkle to their lives with meaningful silver pieces, swarovski crystal and fun charms.  Even better is seeing women sparkle from the inside.  So, let’s go out there today and look for opportunities to SHINE BRITE.

Love, Hammergirl



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I’ve had some time today (and that’s saying alot considering the busyness of this past week) to reflect on my life and, most importantly, it’s blessings over the past year.  I love reading other people’s blogs and find myself gravitating over and over to people who know how to laugh at life’s moments.  I think I lost my laughter for a while.  I think I’ve found it again.  Some events a while back caused me to stop laughing and I LOVE to laugh and to make people laugh.  My type of comedy is shock-and-awe comedy, as in… I can’t believe I said that, heard that, thought that shock-and-awe.  Mostly, I stopped laughing at home where the people I love most live.  I think they may have noticed so it has been a relief to us all that I’m loosening up a bit.  A few weeks ago I even pulled a really shock-and-awe moment at the dinner table and it was soooo satisfying!  We didn’t even need dessert that night.  Since then I’m noticing more than ever before how wonderful joy can be.  I’m not really sure I even recognized joy before, but I do now.  It comes from somewhere other than laughter, it permeates a larger space than happiness, and it lasts longer than momentary comfort.  So many people we come in contact with in this little jewelry stamping business seem to have figured out joy.  They are living out loud, and they are such fun to spend time with.  These are women who love their families, their friends, their jobs (which often seem more like passions than jobs) and their lives.  Kendra is one of those people.  Larger than life, trying something new, tackling a new (tiny) font with courage, checking out my latest mistake with grace… I’m so humbled for all the girls who call me friend.  I think I’m finally ready to ride this wave called middle age (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) with a bit more joy than I did the previous stages of life.  Seeing what I have not yearning for what I don’t.  Laughing at myself more, making more of each moment, showing my kids that this journey can be fun and joyFULL.  So thanks for the laughter, I truly believe that it isn’t the laugh lines that age us but the lack of them…..


Upcoming Open House in Coeur d Alene–April 24th!

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We are so excited to partner with the amazing photographer, Amy Waddington, in CDA, Idaho for an Open House event!  Amy was just voted Best Photographer in Northern Idaho (and I can personally attest that she is!) !  Woo-Hoo Amy!!  We hope to see many of you there!  Let us know if you can come! 🙂  See below info that is copied from Amy Waddington’s email:

I (Amy) am having an open house featuring some of my work, Matilda Jane Clothing Co. & As You Wish Design.

Mark your calendars…….Saturday, April 24th | 9am-noon (open house)

At my studio downtown Coeur d’ Alene, 602 East Garden Avenue.

A few years ago, I was introduced to the colorful, sophisticated and a wee bit cheeky clothing line, Matilda Jane. It was love at first site!! The funky styles, the bright color’s & textures are to die for….. SERIOUSLY CUTE!! Anything from Matilda Jane’s collection is PERFECT for a portrait. These one of a kind outfits are available only through trunk shows and I am SOOOO excited to announce that I will be having a Matilda Jane Trunk Show at my studio! Come and discover a fun and funky clothing line for kiddos 6-12 years old. Oh yeah, they now also have clothes for adults too! =) 
Want a free mini-session? Anyone who purchases a complete Matilda Jane outfit will receive a COMPLIMENTARY mini-session in your brand new outfit. (wowzers that a $100 value!!) I promise you don’t want to miss out on this AMAZING offer!! Why? Because I just LOVE how these clothes photograph and I would to love to update my website with images featuring Matilda Jane! =)

If you can’t make the “Trunk Show,” no problem. I will be accepting virtual orders that day (call after 1pm) and all day on Sunday the 25th.  You can check out their catalog and see all of the collections here: http://www.matildajaneclothing.com/. The benefit to attending a trunk show is that you can actually get to see the beautiful clothes in person, hold them in your hands and even try some on!
As You Wish Design will also have a table set up showcasing their line of jewelry. I just had a necklace made. It’s so cute……….I LOVE it! I attached a few samples of the jewelry for you to check out! The fun thing about the jewelry is that you can choose a design that they have or do what I did and design your own!! See some of their work here: www.flickr.com/photos/asyouwishdesign.
Can I bring my kids? Of course kids are welcome!!! Bring a friend too! 
Stop by anytime between 9-noon. Saturday, April 24th.
Please give me a heads up and let me know your coming.
Email amywaddington@live.com or call 208-661-0410. 
Hope to see you there!! 
Amy Waddington Photography